Webcast: Disabling Adobe Flash on your Network

4/26/2018 2002 Contributors

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Webcast Bonus Content

How to uninstall Adobe on FireFox: 1:03

Chrome Flash explanation: 3:24

Using Group Policy with Chrome to disable Flash: 4:45

Custom scan profile example: 8:00

Question: What is the current status of flash in the latest Chrome? Is it included? Is it a plugin? What does NPAPI mean? 9:51

Testing to see if you have flash: 11:33

Machines that have older flash: 12:42

Removing Flash PPAPI: 13:08

Question: Why do we need to uninstall flash on our machines? Is it really that bad? 15:03

Adobe Flash Disabled scan profile: 16:15

ActiveX in Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 and setting the kill bit for ActiveX: 17:05

Flash Disabled Collection: 19:19

Question: Is there any real advantage to disabling Flash instead of uninstalling it? 20:51

Flash workarounds: 22:23

Question: At what version did Chrome stop including Flash? Will computer where this version (and later) was the first install of Chrome be unable to run Flash? 24:25

Question: What is the Flash policy at AA? 26:24