Webcast: What's New in PDQ Deploy 12

4/26/2018 2057 Contributors

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New Feature: Use PDQ Inventory’s Scan User credentials for your Deployments and Schedules: 1:59

New Feature: Wake-on-LAN: 6:55

Question: Does the scanned user credentials also retain the password for that user? So you can deploy as that user profile? 12:05

New Feature: Post schedule notification: 15:17

Question: Are user credentials securely stored in PDQ Deploy and when used across network when deploying? 19:25

Question: Is there a process that runs during deployment that end after the deployments ends on the Console server? 21:43

Question: We are sharing between 4 admins on different planets and wonder if we can see each others deployments? If I create a job and someone else deploys my shared job can I see their deployment or only mine? 24:18

Question: Is there a way for PDQ to deploy Microsoft FIXIT cab files? Example: silverlight.diagcab used to quickly fix Silverlight corruption? 26:21