Webcast: Selectively Deploy Applications Using File or Registry Conditions

4/26/2018 3827 Contributors

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Question: I have created a Regedit key that keeps Num Lock enabled. When the computers boot up the Num Lock key is enabled, but when I have users login it is turned off. I am using Windows 10 Education 64 bit. How can I deploy this file so that it would affect all users and have Num Lock enabled at all times for all users?  1:09

File conditions: 5:22

Question: Could you guys go over selectively uninstalling applications using file/registry conditions, and how that could tie in with uninstall paths shown in Inventory? 10:52

Question: I have to replace and .ini file and I want to check the creation time of the old .ini file, and if it is older than a specific date, replace it. I worked with file scanning in the past, maybe there is an easier way? 13:00

Question: Does the registry setting being used as a condition have to be scanned in a PDQ Inventory scan first to be used, or are registry settings evaluated on the fly at Deployment? 20:18

Registry Conditions: 21:45

Question: Can you do a wildcard search like *.* for the file name in case you don’t know the name of a specific file in the folder? 27:40