Webcast: Adding and Removing Microsoft Office Components

4/26/2018 3243 Contributors

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Uninstall Visio command step: 2:44

How to make a Visio uninstall silent, not interactive: 4:39

Automating discovery of the product code: 7:44

Finding the product key to uninstall Visio: 13:49

Question: What’s the benefits of using the XML install way you’re showing versus using the office / admin way creating a MSP file./adminfile fullinstall.MSP? 15:54

Question: Is there a way to remove the old OneDrive for Business Client (groove.exe) from a Click to Run installation without a full reinstall? 22:15

Question: What is the best way to remove Skype/Lync? When I try and remove it, it always times out. Same issue when trying to install Skype/Lync: 26:26