Webcast: What's New in PDQ Deploy 11

4/26/2018 1512 Contributors


Read up on what's new in the PDQ Deploy 11 release

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What's new: 2:59

New: URL’s in the description field: 5:41

New: No default install step in a new package: 6:53

New: Installation requires source: 7:13

Question: If a deployment with multiple steps fails after successfully executing several steps, is there a way to redeploy only the steps that have yet to successfully run? 14:04

New: Showing steps under package properties: 15:39

New: Variables used in the email body of Post deployment notifications: 18:10

Question: What is best practice regarding machines kept in a “Frozen” State. I’ve got them scheduled so they don’t enter the retry queue if they fail. Since they’ll be rebooted frozen at the end of the maintenance schedule. Is that the best way to handle it, or is there a trick to get the retry window down to a very short time? 21:04

Question: Is there a way to have another package deploy upon a failed deployment? For instance, I have an auto deploy that sends out Jave, sometimes the computers fail and require the Java alternate package. 25:25

Question: Is there a way to have a package that fails a step continue installing the next steps while still getting a failure notice? Currently I can either stop deployment or ignore with success notice: 27:26