Webcast: Copying and Deleting Shortcuts and Files in PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 4928 Contributors

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Placing shortcuts on the all users desktop: 1:40

  -Knowledge Base Link: https://adminarsenal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/220509847

Deleting shortcuts: 8:20

Question: Is there a way to delete shortcuts that users have made for applications, particularly those with number or “Copy” in the shortcut name? 11:56

Robocopy and return codes: 18:15

Question: Is there a way to run a remote batch that will trigger a package, that isn’t run from the server itself? I have just recently thought about using that if it is possible. 20:40

Copying files: 22:56 **Note there needs to be a backslash after Social Distortion**