Webcast: PDQ&A - August 2016

4/26/2018 2085 Contributors

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Question: Is there a way to use PDQ Deploy to push out installs to laptops in the field? They have 4 LTE connectivity and use Netmotion so there is a secure VPN tunnel to the laptops. There is no DNS but static IP addresses. Push or Pull method for package transfer? We have full admin access to laptops in the field and they are not joined to a domain. 0:57

Question: Using Inventory reports, how can I best find all device serial numbers (computers, displays, disk drives, etc) associated with each individual user? Would it be best to add a custom field for computers’ primary users and use that in conjunction with device serial number reports? 3:51

Question: Using PowerShell and Inventory, what’s a reliable way to check computers for pending reboots and what is requesting the reboot. Example: file changes, updates, install, etc. 6:29

Question: We currently have only one license for PDQ Deploy and Inventory (Enterprise). I would like to ask the boss to purchase at least one more license for another admin so that I can share the workload. Is there anything that I need to do to ensure that all admins see the same Collections/Reports/Packages/Deployments/Schedules/etc? 9:05

Question: Is there a way to have Inventory make a report where it pulls and shows all computers with duplicate serial numbers? This is caused when a computer is renamed and not removed from Active Directory so both computers show in Inventory with the same Info but different names. 11:20

Question: Is there a way for PDQ to notify me of OS or Memory changes? 14:30

Question: I have about 19 different unmanaged versions of Firefox (32 & 64 bit) across 335 computers. I'd like to get this under control and linearized onto Firefox ESR, then maintain updates with the Auto Deployment package for Firefox ESR. I have PDQ Deploy & PDQ Inventory with Enterprise licenses. What's the best way to get to my end game? 15:36

Question: Is it possible to determine if an application was installed based on a prior scan, basically a new Applications Report or Collection? 20:51

Question: Is there a way to create an Auto Deployment using a custom package? I have a collection from a report that searches the computers for the following registry key that is set to 0 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\NlaSvc\Parameters\Internet EnableActiveProbing REG_DWORD 0, I have a registry scan in the Standard scan profile that runs weekly and under Application scan profile. So every time a computer goes into the Collection I want it to automatically deploy my custom package that changes the value of the key from 0 to 1. I have over 1200 computers which includes hundreds of laptops that are not online most of the week. 22:23

Question: Is there a way to have PDQ Deploy move to the next set of credentials if the first fails? I have a few different credentials based on whether it is a user workstation, server, or non-domain computer. 26:19

Question: Is it possible to use Auto Deployment for the applications that are not in the packages list? For example Adobe Acrobat. 28:45

Question: Can you add conditions to Auto Deployment? I know you can get around this by using Inventory collections but it would be nice to have conditions available in Auto Deployment. 30:01