Webcast: Silently Uninstalling Applications in Deploy and Inventory

4/26/2018 2755 Contributors

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Uninstall using PDQ Inventory via an MSI: 2:59

If you have to kill the process: 6:22

1605 Error: 7:29

Uninstalling an .exe: 8:08

Question: I want to uninstall a specific application (one or more than one) on all computers of a collection. Is it possible to uninstall a specific application on several computers starting from the uninstall feature (kind of bulk uninstall) in PDQ Inventory?  11:45

Uninstalling from PDQ Deploy: 15:54

Question: Can you select more than one computer to uninstall an application? 20:21

Finding the uninstall silent parameter (Foobar example): 21:40

Question: Would it be best practice to always kill task before uninstalling? In cases where background services may be running when users are logged on? 28:52

Finding the uninstall silent parameter where /S is not the silent parameter (PDF Creator)  31:12