Webcast: Prepping Machines for Back to Work and School - Part II

4/26/2018 2013 Contributors

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The boss is coming back from vacation. School will be back in session. Learn how to prep your machines and environment for back to work and back to school.

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Expired Credentials and passwords: 1:20

Trust relationship: 2:45

Reset - Computer Machine Password: 3:54

Add / Remove computers from the domain: 5:13

Target Name Mismatch/ troubleshoot DNS issues: 7:19

DNS Scavenging: 17:01

Question: How does one prevent DNS records for servers from being removed when scavenging the zones? 22:56

Active Directory sync issues: 24:43

Question: We have in-house applications that I want to be able to push out to new users computers via Deploy. If they are logged on, only their credentials will be accepted for the installation. Weill I need to set up an interactive deployment for the apps to install successfully in that case?  26:58