Webcast: Prepping Machines for Back to Work and School - Part I

4/26/2018 681 Contributors

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The boss is coming back from vacation. School will be back in session. Learn how to prep your machines and environment for back to work and back to school.

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Check for updated versions and licenses: 1:45

Check your previous schedules and check your targets:  3:03

Auto Deployment Baseline. Dealing with re-imaged machines / new machines and computer names & histories: 3:59

Question: I’m trying to export my “All Computers” collection to be able to import it to our CIO’s install, is this a feature that is only available to Pro or Enterprise subs? 9:22

Question: We replace old computers after 3 years. What’s the recommended way to find the computer’s age using PDQ? 12:59

Machines that have old versions of software that need updating;  15:36

Question: Is there a way to shutdown a PC remotely, but making it do windows updates first? 21:32

Question: Win 10 Edge is driving ME to the edge. Any package to uninstall it or one coming? It’s killing me slowly. 26:46