Webcast: Best Practices for PDQ Deploy and Inventory

4/26/2018 3220 Contributors

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Specify Console users: 1:22  (See the other video here)

Performance: 3:54

  • Change default concurrent targets per Deployments: 4:11

  • Do not run on a 32 bit architecture 6:48

  • PDQ Inventory performance / Disc I/OSSD Drive: 8:20

  • Network default Heartbeat ping setting: 10:27

Deployment / Push vs Pull: 13:30

Change repository location to a file server: 14:02

Why push vs pull: 15:09

Specifying default copy mode push vs pull per package: 16:07

Question: When deploying to a certain group of PCs, do you recommend creating a group in Inventory, or setting up conditions within the package itself in Deploy? Why/ why not? 17:21

Use Variables in Inventory: 20:05

Question: Is there any advantage to sharing the package repository across the network and doing the pull method even if the repository is on the Deploy server? :23:07

Question: Should I push or pull if my files are stored locally, but the repository is listed as a UNC Share? 25:40

Best practice for Deploy retry queue: 26:31

Question: I need to deploy a package and keep retrying for offline computers. How to ensure deployment is done ONLY after business hours or during maintenance windows (e.g. 6pm - 6am) if retry is ON. 28:40