Webcast: What's New in PDQ Deploy 10?

4/26/2018 1545 Contributors

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Where to look for new features 1:04

New Feature! Open a computer in PDQ Inventory from PDQ Deploy 3:17

New Feature! File Conditions 3:48

  -Example: File exists 4:24

  -Example: File does not exist 6:37

  -File condition Output log 7:30

  -Real world example, Mozilla Firefox package 9:16

New Feature! Registry Conditions 11:17

  -Example: Registry exists 12:53

  -Example: Registry does not exist 18:06

Question: For the step conditions, is it only files/registry options, or are there options to use PDQ Inventory collections directly? 19:10

Question: So does the registry check on the remote computer at runtime? 21:36

  -Registry Output log 21:50

Question: What is the benefit of going through all these steps to run the package vs. running on a collection from Inventory? 23:05

New Feature! Repository cleanup exclusions 25:39

Sharing and repository cleanup 27:34

Question: What are some best practices for repository cleanup? 29:00