Webcast: Silently Install AutoCAD

4/26/2018 3580 Contributors

To see a tutorial video on this, click here.

Question: Is this covering just the base AutoCAD product or will it include the verticals such as the suites? 1:40

Building an AutoDesk / AutoCAD deployment 2:39

Silent options: /qb versus /qn 11:46

Question: We use the following in an MDT deployment which is working great: Setup.exe /W /q/I \\Server\mdt$\Applications\ACAD2015\Img\UHPT ACAD 2015.ini. /language de-de The same step in PDQ Deploy is not working. Do I need additional parameters?  13:22

Deployment of AutoCAD 17:43

Question: I need to update to 2017, I wonder if I can uninstall the previous versions first, then push out the new version. 20:15

AutoCAD 2017 individual steps 21:18

Question: Can you install AutoCAD 2017 while the user is working in AutoCAD 2016? 25:36

How to change the default timeout limit in PDQ Deploy for a package 27:21

Question: After a successful installation of a new workstation we import some customized settings in a zip file so that new colleagues have all settings like the others (for example toolbars). Is there a way to automate this into the deployment?  28:31