Webcast: PDQ&A - May 2016

4/26/2018 1756 Contributors

Question: I see it’s possible to search for a specific filename with “Scan Profile”, is it also possible to check for filename and size and/or version? 0:58

Question: In PDQ Deploy, is there a way to restart the deployment of an individual package within a nested package if the individual package encounters an error, so that the individual package will not have to be re-deployed separately? (For example, if a nested package is on step 7 and encounters an error, is there a way to restart step 7 instead of using the “continue” on error mode to go to step 8?) 3:53

Question: I have Auto Deployments set to deploy on a heartbeat schedule to 3 groups (IT, a test group, and everyone). Sometimes an update is released prior to the auto approval happening in the next group.

  1. Will Deploy attempt to install to the computer even if it has already succeeded and it is still in the list? 6:42

  2. Is there a better way to do this than having a schedule for each application and a collection for each group to deploy to? 12:18

Question: I use PDQ Inventory to list what computers a specific user is currently logged into. How can I see other login sessions such as RDP? 15:44

Question: Is is possible to upgrade 7 and/or 8.1 to 10 using PDQ. If so, how would one go about doing that using, say, the Media Creation tool Microsoft provides. 21:22

Question: How does Deploy handle Log Off of multiple disconnected users? 22:51

Question: Is there a way to make a collection in Inventory, when a new computer appears in said collection, installs apps/run packages X, Y, And Z? I have both Inventory and Deploy. 24:53

Question: Is there a way to manage clients outside the WAN (users out on the field or at home for example) Like an agent or something? 28:24