Webcast: Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP

4/26/2018 2800 Contributors

Webcast with Shane and Jeremy Moskowitz to ask anything about Group Policy and desktop & endpoint management.


Question: Is there a way through group policy (or 3rd party apps) to limit the size of specific folders for users? We would like to avoid limiting user profile size if possible. 1:39

Question: Accidental System Admin deleted a GPO from SYSVOL manually, thus causing massive replication errors across the other DC's and causing other GPOs to not replicate, nor enforce settings. Authoritative restore from PDCe did not resolve the issue, any ideas how to fix this SNAFU? 5:16

Question: I need to apply a user based policy to only a few specific computers. What is the best way to do this? (The specific policy needed is to disable creating of an OST file when Outlook is started on shared conference room computers.) 9:47

Question: I wanted to ask Jeremy if there is a few bread and butter policies he wouldn't live without? 13:44

Question: Is there a way through group policy to set users' recycling bins to permanently delete files after X age? We have users that will leave files in their recycling bin forever and end up creating large user profiles over time. 16:28

Question: We have renamed Local Administrator Account to something like "???". How can we change local admin password on all our workstations using PDQ? GPO does no longer support local admin password reset as per MS14-025: Vulnerability in Group Policy Preferences could allow elevation of privilege: May 13, 2014. 18:37

Question: Currently using server 2012 for domain controllers. Want to update ADMX templates to support Windows 10 features, however, when I replace the files on SYSVOL Windows update policy breaks. How do I fix? 22:59

Question: I have some old printers mapped to user profiles via script. I have tried a loopback policy to apply a User GPO to a Computer Organizational Unit (OU) but have had no such luck. What am I doing wrong? 24:56

Question: How does the performance of item level targeting queries compare to using WMI queries for filtering? The same or better? Does ILT use WMI queries? 29:16

Question: Which tool can I use to document my Group Policies and their configured values? 33:38

Question: What's up with the Microsoft tweets last night on Group Policy? Is it really dead? 38:13