Webcast: What's new in PDQ Deploy 9

4/26/2018 2397 Contributors

Read up on this new release here.

New Feature! Database backup: 1:34

New Feature! Repository cleanup: 3:26 

Question: Can you tell me what the process is for the clean-up when removing files from the repository? Are they simply going to the recycle bin? 6:15 

Question: Now that we have PowerShell can we check existence of an App or Service during install and if the app not during install then can we deploy the app? 7:16

New Feature! PowerShell package step: 8:38

Question: Which PowerShell version does it run? Is it the version that is installed on the target machine? 17:51

New Feature! PowerShell Collection in PDQ Inventory: 20:03

Question: Can we use a PowerShell step that if the package fails for a 1603 msi error to restart the machine and redeploy? 21:19

Question: Can the PowerShell feature also connect to Microsoft Office 365? 23:10

Question: With the PowerShell step, are the restrictions on the providers that can be accessed like registry or environmental variables? 23:57

Question: Is there an easy way to move packages to the repository? 25:13

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