Webcast: Stump the Chump IV

4/26/2018 1462 Contributors

4th edition of Shane and Lex answering your PDQ Related questions.

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Question: I'm needing to update an .ini file which resides in 400 employee's personal user directories on our file server. Is there a way to use PDQ Deploy to modify 1 line in the .ini file without having to copy over the .ini file? This .ini file has their encrypted password in in and if I were to just overwrite the .ini file with the new server settings, it would wipe their password (which most won't remember). 1:12

Question: I have a multi-site network with a replicated repository on a server in each site with a workstation in the main office running Deploy. My question is this: is there any way to link a remote Wake-on-LAN (WOL) agent to Deploy to wake up computers in remote sites? Or maybe a work-around? 12:45

Question: Say I have just sent a deployment to a bunch of laptops I have set up and then I haven another laptop ready, can I add it to the deployment I've just done? 15:09

Question: For PDQ Inventory, can the Current User entry reference AD and populate a custom fields (fullname, title, dept)? 16:27

Question: I used PDQ Deploy to run DISM/online commands to enable en-CA speech on Windows 10 Enterprise 1511 and fire cortana up. Now, how can I build a collection around an installed language pack in PDQ Inventory to automate? 17:27

Question: Is there a way via PDQ to prevent a workstation from going to sleep during an unattended deployment? I have had deployments fail due to a computer going to sleep. 19:22

Question: Is there a way we can deploy an application (ie.,  Firefox/Chrome/Adobe Reader DC) and have a shortcut created in the Taskbar automatically. 21:26

Question: Is there a way to use either Inventory or Deploy to restart a service on a workstation? 23:50

Question: What is the best practice for changing over from Reader XI to Reader DC without installing to any Acrobat users. I am thinking: uninstall creating targets filtering Acrobat out per site (6) in Inventory then install? Is there anything I should be aware of doing 6 sites at once? 27:36