Webcast: Deploying Adobe Flash for IE

4/26/2018 2431 Contributors

A must watch for those that used the All IE Package from PDQ Deploy. Now in 1080 HD!  

Various Adobe Flash packages in the Package Library 1:25

Adobe Flash (All IE) package issues with Auto Deployment 2:42

Auto Deployment best practices with Adobe Flash 3:59

Auto Deployment attached to Flash IE (Old) PDQ Inventory collection 5:14

Creating an Auto Deployment for Adobe Flash for IE 7:11

Question: I have Adobe Flash nested in various custom packages. Is there a way to automatically update them and remove the previous from my library, and a prompt during the delete that says it is nested in other packages? 11:31

Question: What is the difference between Adobe Flash plugin and Flash IE? 17:41

Question: If we install the Adobe Flash for Windows 10 package before Windows releases the KB for it, will the KB still install correctly? 22:12

Question: Can we not add a variable that uses the highest version in a selected folder to auto update the nested packages? 26:40

Question: What would a suggested schedule be to auto deploy Flash updates to make sure that the latest version is pushed out? 28:47

Blog Post that Shane mentions: http://www.adminarsenal.com/admin-arsenal-blog/disable-adobe-flash-on-ie/