Webcast: Stump the Chump III - St. Patrick's Edition

4/26/2018 2222 Contributors

3rd edition of Shane and Lex answering your PDQ Related questions. Pour a Guinness and watch as we Celebrate our favorite holiday and answer your PDQ related questions.

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Question: I work for a large School District. All of my computers are in on OU on the domain and I don’t have access to other OUs. Is there a way to set that OU as my default OU when adding computers to a Deploy rather than having to browse through the whole domain? 1:40

Question: For some workstations, I want Firefox and Chrome to update automatically. Chrome was easy to change command line switch. For Firefox I need an option that will override the mozilla.cfg in the repository. Possible? 3:05

Question: In SCCM we are fond of using Task sequence’s (PDQ Package with steps). But there is one function I am missing. Maybe it’s possible to use PDQ Inventory groups and query during the steps? I know I can do this with scripts but I would love to have an easier and trackable way to handle this. So my colleagues also can find and understand why or why not something isn’t installed. 5:29

Question: When it comes to pushing a new version of an application should I create a new deployment package or update the existing package? 7:19

Question: Often get calls to say PC is slow to find our teachers are lazy and never log off, just lock the computer then go away. Next user does the same, and the next. Inventory can show active, locked and disconnected. Can I get a report to show all users disconnected so I can shout at them and show them who’s boss? 10:57

Question: Does PDQ Inventory have the ability to check warranty status on machines based on the serial number collected? If no, is this a feature that will be added? 16:03

Question: When setting up a deployment schedule with the package criteria to not run on machines that  have a user logged in, if a remote user using VPN has locked & disconnected from their machine and PDQ Inventory show “DS\ username (disconnected” as the Current User, would the criteria still be met to NOT run the package on the machine? 18:24

Question: If a large scan or deployment has been started is there a way to prioritize specific computers to get scanned (or receive the deployment) before the rest without aborting? 22:26

Question: Is there an easy way to differentiate between Desktops and Laptops in PDQ Inventory? I did a report on all Chassis data and then did two collections with all desktop chassis and one for all laptop chassis. 24:51

Question: Is there a way to enforce a scan of Active Directory to regularly pull in new workstations while blacklisting or excluding other specified computers (typically servers)? 26:41

Question: Is it possible to deploy ActiveX controls to users without their interaction? If so, how do you package it and what switches are needed? 28:22

Question: Is there a way to automatically set the default to “Continue” when doing a nesting package Instead of changing them one by one? 30:43

Question: What configurations are needed to remotely manage computers through a VPN or other off site connection using PDQ Inventory and Deploy? Will you ever create an additional client type program to make this easy? 31:46

Question: Is there a way to automate cleanup of the Package Library after importing an update you have released? 33:43

Question: We’ve set up IP Printing with a public IP NAT’d to the internal printer IP address. The printers are Canon iR class and we all use Postscript drivers. Can a package be created to deploy this printer via PDQ Deploy? 35:42

Question: When deploying and selecting targets from Active Directory, how can I make PDQ default to an OU instead of the top level of the domain? (We have about 30 site OUs under our primary domain, and I only need to select from my site OU). 37:33

Question: For PDQ Deploy: two groups in active directory for local admin, one for workstations, one for servers (no domain admins group allowed on either). In the auto-deployments (using PDQ Inventory collection library), you only get to select one set of creds, so say when it runs through PDQ Inventory and goes to update java, it will fail on servers if we select the workstation credentials, is there a way instead of making separate auto-deploys using credentials, to try both, if one doesn’t work it tries the other? 38:35

Question: I have a Zero Day Auto Deploy Once for Flash etc...as well as my scheduled deployments. Do you see any pitfalls with this? 42:52