Webcast: What's new in PDQ Deploy 8

4/26/2018 2255 Contributors

Find out what new features are available in our latest version of Deploy. (See the blog post) To Download: http://adminarsen.al/dl-deploy To upgrade your license visit: http://adminarsen.al/buy-deploy

How to find out What's New 1:29

New Feature! Deploy multiple packages without nested packages or schedules 3:49

Question: Are there any new steps in version 8, such as PowerShell? 6:24

Question: Are there any packages, in your experience, that are NOT good to nest? 9:05

Using PDQ Inventory, 'Scan After Deployment' with multiple packages vs. a nested package. 10:37

Question: Is there a way to exclude an IP range from a heartbeat schedule? I have some users that are on and offsite and when they connect over the VPN, it starts deployments over VPN? 12:05

Question: I love the new feature of being able to deploy multiple packages on the fly without creating a nested package. Can you select multiple packages if you start the deployment through the Tools menu in Inventory? 15:52

New Feature! Edit Auto Deployment 17:17

Question: Can you guys add custom icons for PDQ, like the ability to pick your own? 22:51

Question: Any idea when/if PDQ Deploy might support pushing out drivers (inf files, not package drivers)? 25:15

New Feature! Stop deploying to remaining computers after a set number of minutes 26:59

New Feature! File Copy Step will now copy the actual shortcut 28:51