Webcast: Uninstalling Microsoft Office with PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 5157 Contributors

A follow up to our webcast last October. You've installed Microsoft office, now what happens when you want to uninstall it across the network? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf-dwCpBKkI Learn PowerShell from Kris: http://www.adminarsenal.com/admin-arsenal-blog/author/kris-powell/


Question: Will this cover both an Office 365 uninstall and a traditional (cd) type of installation: 1:40

Uninstall string in PDQ Inventory explanation: 3:28

Uninstall process / PowerShell script: 5:49

What if I have multiple versions of Office but only want to uninstall one of them? 9:33

Question: I have tried using PDQ Inventory to perform this uninstall in the past only to have it fail. I tried on different machines, with different versions and different types of installations (cd/Office 365). We are now fully Office 365, but I have been having trouble with some users on 2016 x64, so I am hoping I can get the uninstall resolved in order to put 2016 x32 or even roll back to a 2013 version. 10:25

Question: Would love to build a package that installs Office 365 and uninstalls Office 2013. Which step comes first? 12:42

Question: We are planning on upgrading from Office 2010 to 2013 \ 2016. Would we need to backup a users files? (ie. archives or signature) before the upgrade? 18:17