Webcast: Deploying Java Critical Patch Update Released Q1 '16

4/26/2018 2205 Contributors

The Oracle Quarterly Critical Patch Update is out on Jan 19th 2016. Shane and Lex are here to explain the ins and outs of deploying it to your machines.



Java Control Panel and Exception Site list: https://www.pdq.com/blog/manage-javas-control-panel-and-exception-site-list/

Question: What does Chrome use now instead? 11:23

Question: Can you schedule an Auto Deployment to deploy Java 8, then Java 8 - ALTERNATE on only devices that fail more than x times (excluding offline failures)? 15:10

Question: We have several packages that we only modify the parameters of the install step. I would like to auto deploy these, any way to change these parameters on an Auto Deployment? 21:37

Question: I have an issue where the certificate is not trusted; therefore, it is blocked from running (for a printer remote panel). Is there a way to force allow? I have to use 7-51 to access the remote panel. 25:23

Question: Is there a way to add a step for the end user to cancel/postpone deployment to their machine? 27:56

Question: I usually have to deploy packages like this off hours. Suggestions for troubleshooting Wake-on-LAN for computers that don't wake up? (Wake-on-LAN is enabled in the BIOS) 29:52