Webcast: Which Adobe Reader DC Should I Deploy?

4/26/2018 3892 Contributors

Confused about Adobe Reader DC? Shane and Lex answer your questions and show you how to successfully (and silently!) install it. Adobe Customization Wizard

What is the difference between DC and DC classic? 1:25

Patch vs Regular Classic: 5:20

How to determine if a machine DC classic the latest version? 12:25

Question: Why Reader DC vs. Reader XI? 15:40

Question: We continue to experience performance issues (long launch times and application freezes) with Adobe Reader (version 10.x and 11.x) in a Windows 7 (64 bit) environment, running on new hardware and new images / profiles. Do you know if Adobe Reader DC offers improved performance? 17:16

Question: Since deploying Reader DC a number of users are getting this popping up...The Acrobat PDF DC browsers is missing from the computer, please download. (As a Google school they save work to the Google drive and use Chrome browser which I try to keep up to date, so appears to be browser related) 18:48

Deployment demonstration: 21:12

Question: When deploying Adobe Reader DC, does it (or will it) uninstall the currently installed version of Reader? 25:28

Question: We also use Nitro PDF. When pushing out Adobe Reader (can’t confirm the patch, but Reader DC) it automatically makes Adobe the default PDF viewer. Is there a way to not change the default reader? 29:17

Question: When I install the Adobe Reader DC (Classic) package from PDQ Deploy, it uninstalls Adobe Acrobat DC (Classic). How can I avoid this? 35:46