Webcast: Stump the Chump I

4/26/2018 1329 Contributors

1st edition of Shane and Lex answering your PDQ Related questions.

PDQ&A (technically 5th edition with a name change) ?

4th edition ?

3rd edition ?

2nd edition ?

Question: Any clever ideas how to deploy PDQ to remote laptops that don't connect via VPN? 1:24

Question: When I push an Adobe Acrobat Reader DC update, the default PDF handler gets knocked out. I've tried to prevent Reader DC from becoming the default PDF handler, or remotely/silently changing to the default PDF handler of my choosing. I've tried command line parameters and the Adobe Customization Wizard, how do you get it to work with Adobe Reader DC (Classic)? 3:50

Question: Is there a way now or in the future to request a package via command line to have package(s) installed by request? 8:42

Question: Can PDQ Deploy empty all users (or a specific user's) Recycle Bin? 10:59

Question: My targets are often linked to a PDQ Inventory Collection. How do I make sure the inventory Collection is updated before a manual or scheduled deployment? 15:17

Question: We don't want to scan or install software over our VPN. Is it possible to prevent PDQ Inventory scans and/or PDQ Deploy installed based on an IP address range? 21:36  ***Scans can be prevented as of PDQ Inventory 8***

Question: I have a short DHCP lease. The causes the same IP address to register to more than one computer, so DNS thinks there are multiple computers on the same address. This causes issues. Is there anything I can do to make it easier to manage? 25:38

Question: How do I create a Dynamic Collection that includes or excludes computers that have SSD hard drives? I want to target SSD-based computers to turn off defrag schedules, indexing, etc. 28:50

Question: Is it possible to send deployment reports with the output logs? 35:30