Webcast: What's new in PDQ Deploy 7 (Printing and Reporting)

4/26/2018 1837 Contributors

Discover what's new in PDQ Deploy 7

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New Feature! Revamped documentation 7:05

Update Notes 7:16

New Feature! Printing and Reporting preferences 7:56 **As of Deploy 7 Release 2, Mail Notifications and Mail Server were combined into one page under Mail Server**

Post Deployment Notification 10:31

Difference between Print Preview and Reports 13:02

Choosing columns to include in Print Preview 14:16

New Feature! Reports 15:37

Schedule Post Deployment Notifications and Schedule Reports 16:58

Question: Before a deployment begins, could we have the option to do a "pre-scan with PDQ Inventory" to determine if the target still meets the linked criteria for deployment? 23:30

Question: Can we schedule a report to run daily that only lists failed deploments (this would be for all deployment jobs)? 25:32

Question: Where can I view a history of packages that have been deployed (and redeployed) to a given computer? 27:45  **This is now a native feature to the computer window in PDQ Inventory Version 7 release 1**