Webcast: Copying and Deleting Shortcuts in PDQ Deploy

4/26/2018 3951 Contributors

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Question: Why when using file copy to copy a shortcut, the actual end result is the .exe referred to in the shortcut link copied (for example) to the desktop, which of course will not run? 0:47

Question: When copying a shortcut with a custom icon, the icon doesn't seem to copy with the shortcut. Can you show us how to create a shortcut with a custom icon, and copy it to a machine? 4:37

Question: In regards to the file copy step, if I add one file that does not exist, does the Overwrite Existing files delete the rest of the files in that folder or only if there is an existing file named the same that gets overwritten? 12:53

Question: Is it possible to use a variable for the logged on user, for example, to create a shortcut only on his desktop? 22:00

Question: We like to put together a logoff icon on the user's desktops using this: %SystemRoot%\System32\shutdown.exe /L. Is that something we can push using Deploy? 26:05

Question: I am trying to create a dynamic collection of computers that have a shortcut, but can't. Can we get an example of the scan profile setup and dynamic collection setup to see who has the shortcuts? 30:38

Question: Can you do this to program shortcuts on the taskbar? For example, I want all users to have Outlook pinned. 35:55