Webcast: How to Silently Install Dropbox Across Your Network

4/26/2018 2477 Contributors

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See the blog post: http://www.adminarsenal.com/admin-arsenal-blog/silently-install-dropbox

Question: I'm new to both PDQ Deploy and Inventory. What is the purpose of the "scan" after install? Does that automatically update the PDQ Inventory? 12:56

Question: When re-installing Dropbox, does it remove the files stored locally? So a full re-sync would be needed, or does it keep them and just do a file sync check? Also, does it affect a file if Dropbox installs/updates like you demo'd. 18:26

Question: What happens if after uninstall and scan the application still shows? How can this be corrected? 21:29

Question: Is this package technique unique to deploying Dropbox or should this technique be used with similar file sharing apps such as SugarSync, Box, etc? 26:24