Webcast: How to Use Conditions and Options for Successful Deployments

4/26/2018 2402 Contributors

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Multiple steps for 32 bit and 64-bit versions 8:13

Verifying conditions per step 8:56

O/S versions 9:37

Using the Logged on State 14:15

Question: I have Auto Deployment Packages scheduled for deployment (off-hours) to the majority of our computers. I would like to have two sets of conditions for each of the deployments for certain departments. 16:23

Question: Is there an easy way to only deploy to computers that are in specific locations (each location has a unique IP subnet)? 18:28

Question: Is there any way you can change the default to not load to servers? 22:57

Run As Options 27:35

Question: Is there a way to print deployment with all the conditions and such so that you can see all the steps, parts and pieces for troubleshooting? 31:29 **UPDATE: This is a native feature in Deploy version 7**

Question: On options in Auto Deployment, is there a way to only use the heartbeat trigger on failed Auto Deployment targets instead of the heartbeat trigger hitting all of them? 32:33