Webcast: Maintaining a Baseline of Applications

4/26/2018 2972 Contributors

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Scheduled deployments (including Auto Deployments) 2:05

  -Run Active Directory sync first 2:37

  -Update packages in the Package library 3:35

  -Define the baseline packages 4:26

  -Link to Targets vs Choose Targets 6:22

  -Options: Stop deploying to computers once they succeed 9:28

Question: Any plans for a shortcut to AD Sync in the toolbar? 11:34 **UPDATE: this is now a native features as of Inventory 9**

Question: Do we have to link targets? I am thinking of devices that I just installed the OS on and just want to get the items on for the first time. 17:13

Question: When you have a package for a scheduled deployment (auto deployment) , is it necessary to download/import the package a second time for one-off installs? 19:08

Question: When deploying Microsoft Office 2013, is there any way to have it automatically use the recommended settings? When I deploy it now, I have to open Word or Excel, etc. and input admin credentials for this? 25:58