WannaCrypt Collections: Deprecation and Removal

4/26/2018 2367 Contributors

You wish to know why the WannaCrypt Collections were removed on March 12, 2018 from the PDQ Inventory Collection Library as well as how to create those collections.

WARNING: As the WannaCrypt collections are deprecated, any schedules linked to the WannaCrypt collections will no longer function. If you decide to recreate the WannaCrypt collections, you will need to re-establish the links to the recreated local collections.

IMPORTANT: If you are successfully updating your Windows machines regularly, there is no need for the WannaCrypt collection, as all Microsoft KBs released after March 2017 contain the necessary fix.

PDQ.com has deprecated the WannaCrypt collections on March 12, 2018 for the following reasons:

1. The collections should no longer be necessary. Given that the collections were created a year ago from the publish date of this article, the collection should no longer be necessary assuming even minimal patch application has occurred (see below).

2. Maintaining the collection diverts resources from other projects with more overall and specific benefits.  

Easy Button
We recommend using the Auto Download Windows Updates packages from the Package Library in PDQ Deploy and the Windows Updates collection in the Collection Library in PDQ Inventory. A complete list of helpful videos on the topic of Auto Downloads (set-it-and-forget-it) can be found Here.