Identify Machines that Require a Specific Windows/Microsoft Update

4/26/2018 8545 Contributors

Identify machines that are missing a specific Microsoft Windows update patch, then deploy to just those machines.

Create a Dynamic Collection in PDQ Inventory to filter and identify computers missing a specific hot fix KB number into a collection. The collection can then be used as a deployment target.  

1. Identify the hot fix KB number you need to deploy. These can be found in the Microsoft Update Catalog.

2. Open PDQ Inventory and Create a New Dynamic Collection.

3. Give the Collection an easily recognizable name so it can be identified from within PDQ Deploy later.

4. Add a Group Filter using the ‘Any’ rule for the applicable operating system(s).

5. Add a Group Filter using the ‘Not Any’ rule for the Microsoft KB update number.

The example below will only include computers with the operating systems of either Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2, but will not include computers that already have the hot fix KB4022722. Some hot fix numbers are shared with both a Desktop and Server operating system. For help identifying them, please reference the table listed below.


6. Save the Dynamic Collection.

7. Open PDQ Deploy, select the specific package to deploy. (For packages not listed in our Package Library, see this article on how to create one.)

8. Click Deploy Once, click Choose Targets and select the Inventory Collection that you just created.

9. Deploy at will.

The following table can be used to determine which desktop and server operating systems use the same Windows patches KB numbers:

Desktop OS

Server OS

Windows XP (32-bit)



Server 2003 (32-bit)

Windows XP (64-bit)

Server 2003 (64-bit)

Windows Vista (32-bit)

Server 2008 (32-bit)

Windows Vista (64-bit)

Server 2008 (64-bit)

Windows 7 SP 1 (32-bit)


Windows 7 SP 1 (64-bit)

Server 2008 R2

Windows 8 (32-bit)


Windows 8 (64-bit)

Server 2012

Windows 8.1 (32-bit)


Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

Server 2012 R2

Windows 10 (1503/Initial/RTM) (32-bit)


Windows 10 (1503/Initial/RTM) (64-bit)


Windows 10 (1511) (32-bit)


Windows 10 (1511) (64-bit)


Windows 10 (1607) (32-bit)


Windows 10 (1607) (64-bit)

Server 2016

Windows 10 (1703) (32-bit)


Windows 10 (1703) (64-bit)


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