Why Don't the Results of My Collection Match My Report (or vice versa)?

4/26/2018 3315 Contributors


You may receive different results when creating a collection from a report, a report from a collection, or use identical filters within a report and a collection.



We worked with a customer who needed to create a report to find  unapproved accounts in the local Administrators Group on his machines. The report contained the following:

  • A column showing Computer Name and another showing the Local Group Member name.

  • Under Filters, return any accounts in the Administrators Group that weren’t approved, e.g.  Administrator, wsadminuser, etc.

This worked great and resulted in a Report with 249 rows showing all of the accounts that didn’t belong for each machine.

From there he wanted to make a Dynamic Collection to link to a package in PDQ Deploy that ran a script against the collection to get rid of all the extra accounts that didn’t belong. He right-clicked on the Report and chose “New Collection from Report.” The Collection was created with the same filters but the results didn’t make sense.  The Collection was only showing 76 computers where the Report showed 249.

Looking at the differences between the report and the collection, there is an extra column in the Report. The report is showing each computer multiple times (once per each enumerated account).  Once we remove that column from the report the two match so we know the results are correct.


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