Collection Library Synchronization

4/26/2018 3657 Contributors

The Collection Library

The Collection Library is only available for consoles with a current Enterprise subscription. The power of the Collection Library lies in the use of synchronization with Admin Arsenal and with System Variables. For example, when a new version of Adobe Flash for IE is released this new version is stored in the variable $(RTVerAdobeFlashIE) or $(HFNameFlashIE) for Internet Explorer on Windows 8.x computers. 

Here is an example of the Collection definition for Adobe Flash for IE. This collection is intended to contain all computers that have the latest version of Adobe Flash for IE.



Below is an image showing the actual computers and description of this Collection. As of this writing the latest version of Flash is and the Hotfix for Windows 8.x computers is KB3021953.



All System Variables are stored in your PDQ Inventory database. You can see a snapshot of the current variables by going to File > Preferences > Variables and selecting the System tab. These are the values that are updated during a synchronization.



The values associated with these variables will get updated when the vendors (Adobe and Microsoft in this case) release a new version. When the Collection Library synchronizes with Admin Arsenal the new values (and any other Library changes) are copied to your PDQ Inventory console. There are three triggers which cause Synchronization. 

  • The Collection Library hasn't been been synchronized in two (2) hours.
  • The PDQ Inventory console is started (basically when you open PDQ Inventory)
  • A manual synchronization is forced by clicking the " clicking here" link in the main Collection Library page.

Possible Causes for a Failed Synchronization

  • The subscription for PDQ Inventory has expired (or an Enterprise trial has ended) Go to Preferences > License to verify or to purchase or extend a subscription.
  • The console machine has lost its connection to the Internet.
  • Incorrect proxy credentials are being used. To modify the Proxy credentials go Preferences > Proxy Server. If you don't have any credentials specified in Preferences and you do use a Proxy Server then the Windows Proxy settings for the user running the Background Service (Preferences > Background Service) are being used. Logon to Windows using the Background Service user to make changes to the Internet Connections settings in the Windows Control Panel.
  • The console is running an outdated version of PDQ Inventory. It is important to run the latest version of PDQ Inventory.