Folders created by PDQ Inventory on target computers

4/26/2018 2633 Contributors

When PDQ Inventory performs an action (such as running an inventory scan or executing a remote command) a directory is created on the target computer. This directory contains the files which are used to execute the command. Which directory is created depends largely on which version of PDQ Inventory is being used. Beginning with PDQ Inventory 3.0 new installations (meaning a new database is created) will automatically set the target directory to \\TargetComputer\Admin$\AdminArsenal\PDQInventory-Scanner. Upgrades to 3.0 will still use the old \\TargetComputer\Admin$\PDQInventory-Scanner path. 

Here is a breakdown:

PDQ Inventory 3.0 (new install)

Scan: \\TargetComputer\Admin$\AdminArsenal\PDQInventory-Scanner

Remote Command: \\TargetComputer\Admin$\AdminArsenal\PDQInventoryRemoteCommand

Viewing Processes from Computer window: \\TargetComputer\Admin$\AdminArsenal\PDQInventoryMonitorStart and  \\TargetComputer\Admin$\AdminArsenal\PDQInventoryMonitor


PDQ Inventory 3.0 (Upgrade) or earlier version

Scan: \\TargetComputer\Admin$\PDQInventory-Scanner

Remote Command: \\TargetComputer\Admin$\PDQInventoryRemoteCommand

Viewing Processes from Computer window: \\TargetComputer\Admin$\PDQInventoryMonitorStart and  \\TargetComputer\Admin$\PDQInventoryMonitor