Inventory Scan stuck on Aborting

4/26/2018 3752 Contributors

"How can I clear a scan status that is stuck on Aborting?" 

This is a question that we have received a few times. The problem usually occurs when communication between the console and the database break down. A quick and dirty way to clear out this problem is to delete the scan directly from the database. Go to File > Preferences > Database. Click the SQLite Console button.

You have a few options here. To clear out ALL scans that are stuck in the Aborting state run this command:

delete from computerscans where stage = 'Aborting';

If you wanted to be a little more selective and just delete the scan for a particular computer you would type this (assuming the computer name was Lebowski).

delete from computerscans where stage = 'Aborting' and computerid in (select computerid from computers where lower(name) = 'lebowski');

Note, you may need to refresh PDQ Inventory (F5) to see the cleared results.

This error is becoming less common however it still pops up from time to time.