Using Wake On LAN (WOL) from PDQ Inventory

4/26/2018 6331 Contributors

***Updated 2015-05-27***

When you perform a WOL from PDQ Inventory 3 UDP packets will be sent out. (Actually we will send 6 packets, 3 to one port and 3 to another). 

Remember, computers must be configured to allow WOL. This configuration usually requires changes to the target computer's BIOS / UEFI settings and may also include modifying the actual network adapter settings. These settings are independent of PDQ Inventory.

1 - We send a "general broadcast" UDP packet to ports 9, 12287 and 40000. The General Broadcast packet is USUALLY blocked by a company's routers. Therefore this packet is generally useful to wake up machines on the same subnet.

2- We also send a directed UDP packet to the subnet of the target through Ports 9, 12287 and 40000

3- We send a directed UDP packet to the IP Address of the target through Ports 9 and 12287

4- In PDQ Inventory 6 we introduced an additional step to achieve higher success rates with WOL. Pro and Enterprise modes will also attempt to contact a computer in the last known subnet of the target you are waking up. A command will be sent to that last known computer to wake up the target. This should increase the success rates for those environments where WOL broadcasts (Directed or otherwise) are blocked by your routers.

If Inventory doesn't have the correct IP Address then you may wake up the wrong system.

The standard WOL port these days is Port 9. The old standard is port 12287. Please verify that these ports are opened to allow a "directed broadcast".

In order to successfully wake up a computer the MAC Address and the current IP Address of the target computer is required. PDQ Inventory will automatically use the MAC and IP addresses stored in the Inventory database.

You can initiate WOL by selecting Tools > Wake.  (WOL-Collection image attached)

You can have PDQ Inventory automatically send a WOL to an offline system before an Inventory scan is initiated. This can be accomplished via the Offline Policy in File > Preferences > Scanning. Pro mode is required for to use WOL in the Offline Policy. (See InventoryOfflinePolicy image attached)