How to configure PDQ Inventory to install Microsoft .NET Framework on your target computers

4/26/2018 7377 Contributors

You wish to install the required version of .NET on your target machines using PDQ Inventory.

With PDQ Inventory 14 and PDQ Deploy 14, .NET 4.5.2 is required for the console and target machines.

You can use PDQ Inventory to deploy .NET by using the following method:

1. Go to Options > Preferences, and click on .NET Installation.

2. Click the Download .NET Now button

If a .NET installer file is listed in the path box, ensure it’s the latest required version of .NET or greater. If it’s not, clicking the Download .NET Now button will download the latest recommended version and replace the path with the correct installer.

3. Check the Automatically Install .NET option:

4. If you have not selected Automatically Install .NET, you may select one, some, or all computers that need the .NET install and then click on Computer > Install .NET and Scan.

If the Computer > Install .NET and Scan is greyed out, there are a few possibilities:

  • One or more of the selected machines already have the required version of .NET installed.
  • The installer file is not accessible by PDQ Inventory.
  • The installer file was not downloaded.

5. Enjoy!