Webcast: 5 SQL Reports You Didn’t Know You Needed

4/26/2018 2907 Contributors

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All computer (ALL AND IN SPECIFIC COLLECTION SOURCE) names, OSName, IPAddress. 1:37

Computers with more than 1 monitor, the count, and descriptions of those monitors. 8:18

Reporting on Applications in Specific Collection Sources. 15:32

Question: Where is it advised to use reports versus collections for PDQ best Practices? 19:54

Computers that have more than 1 version of an Application installed on them. 22:48

Question: We want to run an SQL report that pulls the free space from our inventory, then run a package that executes “disk cleanup utility” on anything under say… 5GB. We also want to turn the “disk cleanup utility” ON as a windows feature with a PDQ package. It’s not enabled on about 3700 machines so we need a way to turn it on. 27:31

Applications on 'Computer A' that are NOT on 'Computer B' and 'Computer C'. 35:28