Webcast: Introducing Deploy 16 - Redeploy From Failed Step

4/26/2018 2930 Contributors

What’s new in PDQ Deploy 16? 0:40

Redeploy from failed step 1:40

Failed step because of misspelling 5:30

Fail Options 7:42

Question: Does it have to error to start from a certain step? i.e. Will I be able to schedule a few computers to start at a certain step of a package, and others the full package? 9:05

Stop on error 10:17

Redeploy from failed computers 11:44

Nested packages 14:47

Question: When you set a deployment for a collection, does PDQ Deploy automatically update the deployment when new computers are added to the collection? 16:41

Question: How will PDQ Inventory handle deployments that are cataloged within the computer record? Can you choose to create a deployment that will not be updated within the PDQ Inventory computer record? 21:07

Question: Would we ever see a conditional retry on failed step? Such as: if it failed on an error code that usually resolves on reboot, then add a reboot step and retry. 24:31

New Themes 27:05

Question: Any plans for a remote agent? We have numerous employees who work outside of the office/VPN, and with all the new “cloud” solutions out there, it is increasingly becoming the norm. 27:55