Webcast: Taking Tools & Remote Commands to the Next Level

4/26/2018 2129 Contributors

See what's new in Inventory 15 and dive deep into Remote Tools and Run Commands.

Inventory 15 Update Notes: 0:36

Dark Theme: 1:31

Check out the WMI webcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9vWn...

Question: If I’m on a client machine using Central Server and I have a tool such as WinDirStat set to target remote machines, does WinDirStat have to be installed on my client machine or server machine (or both) for this tool to be usable? 4:08

Remote Tools: 7:51

Question: Is there a way to launch a remote regedit session from PDQ Inventory tools? 14:37

Question: When will we have access to Kris’s “fancy tools” in the Tools Library? 16:36

Gpupdate: 18:31

Question: With the addition of the WMI Scanner to Inventory, what new powers are at our disposal? What can I do with this? 22:32

Uninstalling: 27:27

Question: Any chance you are going to make an “idiot” version to export a package to deploy to air gapped networks? 29:13

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