Webcast: Collect WMI Information in Inventory 15

4/26/2018 2163 Contributors

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Remote Tool: 2:55

WMI Scanner & Scan profiles: 5:14

What is different in the WMI scanner and the files & registry scanner? 10:08

Question: Is the WMI Scanner good for dynamic data or more static data? For example, I’ve been pulling SystemStabilityIndex from Win32_ReliabilityStabilityMetrics, and that updates and makes a new record every hour. I only need the most recent record. Could PDQ pull all the records or just the most recent one? 12:08

Question: Can we get a brief overview on how to use the new Run Command to create Deploy packages and custom tools? A demo is worth a thousand help files: 13:34

Grabbing specific columns: 15:46

Creating a collection: 21:43

Advanced WMI scanners: 23:41

Creating reports: 29:57

Question: I’ve setup PDQ Deploy to send out the registry changes for Spectre/Meltdown mitigation on servers as well as the PowerShell script to test for the fixes. Is there an easy way to test for it in Inventory? We’ve been patching servers for 4 days now. 32:42