Webcast: Housekeeping 101 - Clean up your PDQ Environment

4/26/2018 3645 Contributors

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Cleaning up your Active Directory using PowerShell: 3:30

Question: Is there a good way to keep Inventory 100% in sync with AD? Currently, when we decommission workstations and remove them from AD, we have to manually remove them from PDQ Inventory to keep everything the same across the board. (Just trying to keep our list consistent) 13:49

Question: I have been a bit slow moving from PDQ stand alone to the PDQ Client/Server. What cleanup can I do to my stand alone before moving the DB to the Client/Server install? 22:02

Question: Anytime I need to deploy a one-off package to an offline computer, I have to create a new schedule with a Heartbeat deployment. This is filling up my schedules pane with a lot of old, unneeded schedules. Is there a way to push a quick, one-time heartbeat Deployment without having to create yet another schedule? 26:24

Question: What is the best way to organize and keep the custom tools updated? 29:37

Cleaning out your collections: 35:30

Question: Will PDQ.com please release a “Dark Theme” for PDQ products? 38:07