Webcast: How do I find Non-scannable Devices with PDQ Inventory?

4/26/2018 3874 Contributors

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Bonus content: How it works: https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/220509287

CPU Utilization And PDQ Animation Tuning: https://support.pdq.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002383532

Adding devices / Network Discovery & IP address range: 1:01

Marking as non-scannable & identify devices: 2:53

Tools Library Connect to IP via HTTP: 4:30

Question: Our district uses Chromebooks for students. Is it possible to scan for Chromebooks and determine the OS version installed using PDQ Inventory? 9:40

Creating a new tool: 10:41

Question: Is there an easy way to view the hardware information on a previously scanned computer that has Allow Scan disabled? Currently, I Allow Scan, get the info I need then disallow. 16:49

Question: Can I see Dell Wyse thin clients in Inventory? 19:04

VoIP Phones: 19:50

Question: Is there a way to remove items from Inventory that have not been scanned more than 30 or 60 days instead of having to do it manually? 23:55

Question: So this is good for finding network devices that we know of, but what about if we are watching for unknown devices - can PDQ Inventory scan and give an idea of open ports or something like that? 25:51

Question: This is probably a “forums question” but is there a way to get a count of displays connected to a PC? E.g. Computer A: 2 Displays Computer B: 1 display. 27:26

Question: Is there currently a way to track/report application changes (installs/uninstalls) on Windows machines? If not...who do I need to take out drinking to get it added? 28:46