Webcast: Better together - PDQ & Windows Sysinternals

4/26/2018 2525 Contributors

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EULA: 2:00

Specify directory & copy: 3:55

Question: Is there a way to use an application like Windows Sysinternals and put the output into a custom field? Could we run BlueScreenView and put the basic information into a custom field to keep track of that device? 7:54

PsExec: 10:36

Question: I’ve been trying to do more via PowerShell, but keep running into machines that the execution policy is not set. When trying to push a script to the machines, it always fails. How can I enable say “remotesigned” on all the machines so I can push out these scripts? 13:51

PsLoggedOn: 16:59

Question: With these powerful Sysinternals tools (e.g. PsExec) deployed to all the clients, how do you suggest keeping an environment safe from exploits such as Petya outbreak back in June utilizing PsExec? 18:52

BgInfo: 21:27

Question: We currently use a windows scheduled task to shut down our machines nightly. Is it possible to do the same thing with PDQ and psshutdown? It needs to have a set window and a forced stop before the users come in. And run nightly. 26:38

Question: Where is the best place to learn more about PDQ and Sysinternals? Will there be a blog post detailing what you can’t get into here? 30:55

Remote command: 32:21