Webcast: "It's Not DNS!" (it was DNS).

4/26/2018 4018 Contributors

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BONUS Content: PDQ Live! : Happy, Healthy DNS - Solving Common DNS Problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZwS5OkgXmI

How DNS Scavenging and the DHCP Lease Duration Relate https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/a...

DHCP option 81 https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/h...

RFC 4702 https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4702

DNS Record of ownership: 1:15

Test multiple addresses in name resolution: 4:30

Wired to and from Wireless: 6:11

Zone transfers: 7:37

Question: What do you recommend for environments with mobile devices that can have one of 3 connections? (WiFi/LAN/VPN) What is the cleanest way using DNS to ensure they can be accessed via remote tools? (RDP/remote assistance/PDQ) If the connection is anything other than wired we can’t connect to the mobile device. 10:55

Configure the GPO to do a suffix search: 13:03

Question: I have an issue here. One of my workstations running on Windows 7 Pro SP1 keeps going missing in the Forward Lookup Zones. Even after I manually created the A record, it disappeared again after a while. It only resolved when provided a static IP. Why does this happen and how can I resolve it if I want to use a DHCP IP? 16:40

Question: Are reverse lookup zones necessary? In some networks, they are not set up, like in my school’s that I have inherited. 20:24

Question: Do you recommend enabling or disabling (default) DHCP Name Protection? 23:25

DNS update proxy: 24:51

Question: Is there a way to clean up DNS from machines that have left the network? It seems that when a machine leaves the network, say a laptop at the end of the day and is gone for a few days, their address is reassigned to another machine. The ones on the network all the time are cleaned up. When their address changes, however, those off the network get stuck there. This causes Name Mismatch in PDQ. 34:25

Question: What are some tip-offs in Inventory that indicate there’s a problem with DNS? 36:32

Question: How can “Target computer name mismatch” and “Computer name could not be found” errors be solved? 38:35