Webcast: PCI Compliance and Other Reporting

4/26/2018 1737 Contributors

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Building a PCI static collection / custom field / dynamic collection: 2:20

Question: For PCI reasons, is there a way to see if portable apps are in use/have been used on a computer? 6:54

Useful PCI reports: 9:28

Auto Reports: 13:20

Question: How can we build a report with all our machines that have two displays connected? 18:53

Question: I am working on building a report that shows a list of who all is an administrator of the computer by pulling the information from Local Groups - Members. Our former techs gave our end users admin access to their computer (D'oh!!) and I am working on fixing that. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. 22:55

Question: Is it possible (and if so, how) to build a report that will find computers that have the “Display intranet sites in Compatibility View” option in Internet Explorer checked? 25:56

Question: Dearest PDQ ladies and gents (and also Lex), It would be amazing to know what browser extensions are being used by our folks. Can we make that happen in a report? 27:27