Webcast: Managing Domain and Non-Domain Machines Within PDQ

4/26/2018 2632 Contributors

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Question: How do I tell my off-domain PC’s to automatically run the standard scan with local admin passwords while keeping my on-domain PC’s scanning with the default credentials? 0:48

Question: Is it possible to add [keep] non-domain machines to Inventory and keep AD Sync set to full sync for domain machines? 11:35

Multi-domain: 14:45

Question: When you add a machine not on the domain and later join that machine to the domain does the machine update or will it duplicate? 21:45

AD sync: 23:24

Question: Is there an easy way to rename domain computers with a naming system and using PDQ without having to do them individually? 25:00

Question: We have a site with a dozen non-domain PC’s that can’t be pinged using hostnames. Inventory can’t scan them either. Any suggestions? Domain PC’s are fine at that site, and non-domain PC’s are fine at my site. 26:24