Webcast: Intro to PDQ Inventory 13 Central Server

4/26/2018 2471 Contributors

Upgrade from PDQ Inventory 12 to 13: 1:09

Options & Preferences / Help & Update notes: 3:41

Central Server feature: 4:51

Question: I have a lot of data in my (local) inventory from systems which are on the road. I switched to central server, which is awesome and working great, but lost that data. Is there a way to manually import data from my local installation to central server? 5:27

Central Server modes: 7:06

Question: How does enabling central server affect the version of clients? Will clients need to be updated to the same version as the server with each release? 12:01

Question: In our environment, when we re-image stations we do not delete them out of Active Directory. We use the same name and join to domain. Can Inventory check to OS install data and automatically delete the history of previous deployments? We don’t want to run reports and have them say a deployment was successful when in fact it has been wiped out due to the reimage. 14:17

Tools in Inventory: 19:29

CPU Page: 24:27

Question: Similar to changing to the Client mode in Deploy, do the collections in the new Inventory just kinda freeze and still exist, or are they removed? 25:07

Question: With the new central server, will computer scans done by one admin console show up across all admin consoles? In our current setup without the central server, the shared database that we have does not show applications from scans across all of our consoles. Only the person who scanned initially sees the applications for the scanned computer. 27:25