Webcast: Custom Tools & The Tools Library in PDQ Inventory

4/26/2018 3613 Contributors

What is the Tools Library? 1:20

Importing tools into the Library: 2:50

Question: When is it better to use a PowerShell tool over deploying a script? ( And vice-versa) 10:00

What’s the difference between a remote command and a custom tool?  11:20

Question: What is the best way to handle loading functions into a PowerShell tool? Dot sourcing from file share? Wall of text in the tool itself? Efficiency is a great thing, and want to make sure I leverage the Library as best as possible. 13:07

Remote control tool / DameWare: 14:52

Question: Is there a way you can export a custom tool? I made one that is very useful for me and would like to share it with my co-workers to save them time. 17:19

Option to run & leave the window open or close the window:  19:40

WinDirstat: 20:25

Question: If I wanted to build a PowerShell tool that showed a message box (and had an alert beep on the target machine, where would I place $(Computer:TARGET) in the tool? Would the current logged in user even see/hear it? 21:20

Question: With Central Server coming, will there be a “Tools” Repository for all users? 27:01