Webcast: PDQ&A - April 2017

4/26/2018 1560 Contributors

Question: Can PDQ do bulk uninstalls? 0:42

Question: We’re currently using Microsoft SCCM. Can we completely rely on PDQ & leave SCCM? We have to make a decision about new installations. What is the best way to achieve imaging or OS deployment using PDQ? 4:37

Question: We use Inventory to search for unauthorized media and programs on our network, which consists of hundreds of computers. Can you suggest any techniques to help us improve our ability to filter out mundane/regular content to make our searches more efficient? 6:32

Questions: What can we expect in Deploy 13? 11:09

Question: How can PDQ identify and remove older domain profiles in Windows 10: I was thinking of using PowerShell ‘ge-smiobject -classwin32_userprofile | select lastusetime’ and using lastusetime to figure out which are the older profiles, but Windows 10 seems to renew the date for all profiles here whether used or not. 13:25

Question: I noticed some PDQ Deploy packages have lines to make registry keys to disable auto updating. Can we get packages that don’t have those strings so I don’t have to edit them every time the package updates? Kinda like how Java has the “Alternate” packages. 18:21

Question: Is there a way to set up an email notification when a recently added device scans successfully for the first time? 20:54

Question: I ran into an issue where I needed to do a repair on a previous install completed by PDQ. I attempted the repair from the programs on the computer, it errored out the repair and said it was looking for the files from a PDQ directory. On PDQ created packages, are the install files removed after the installations is completed? Is there a way to keep these files intact for future potential fixes? 22:47

Question: Can you go over again (now or in the future) how to kick off a scan or deployment using Remote PowerShell while including encrypted credentials? 25:55